Gender Neutral Kids Clothes, Stereotype-Free Toys and Why it all Matters

New Dawn Kids brings together a stunningly unique collection of gender neutral clothes and toys for kids. We believe that childhood should be stereotype-free, pure, and progressive.

We live in a complex and rapidly evolving environment. Raising our kids, we wish to give them the right blend of structure and freedom. On the one hand, to teach them about the world as it is, and on the other hand to pave the way for a better future. Our kids are the adults of tomorrow, so by definition – we as parents must be forward-thinking.

Parenting can be confusing, but there is one thing we are all certain about: we wish to empower our kids and give them the keys to self discovery and fulfilment. We want to make sure the sky is truly their only limit.

Inevitably, a major part of this endeavour is the topic of gender.

The Girl-Boy Divide in Childhood

The girl-boy divide in childhood is best summed up in this article:

When we find out that someone is having a baby, what is the very first question we ask? ‘Boy or girl?’” says Michele Yulo in a talk given at TEDxUtica. Beginning with the blue or pink wallpaper and continuing to trucks or dolls, this distinction sets children on separate gender paths that can shape much of their lives. But does it need to? Or, are there ways in which we can offer kids more freedom to discover who they are? 

How to raise kids without rigid gender stereotypes – Mary Halton– IDEAS.TED.COM

In short: the girl-boy divide implemented early on plays a part in the trajectory kids will take in their own journey of self definition.

The Props of Childhood

Toys, clothes and other “props of childhood” carry important messages for our kids about the world and their place in it. They define themselves and develop in context of their direct surroundings, and this is intensified by societal and cultural expectations.

We all know that self-discovery, empowerment and freedom to form one’s identity are all vital parts of childhood. So what do toys have to do with it? Why do we need to think about the props we are choosing?

Through the items our kids are free to choose, we can create an environment free of gender stereotypes. This way, our little ones can pursue their true passions and interests AND create a more equal world in the process. The truth is, our society is struggling with old, stubborn conventions and stereotypes that the retail industry actively preserves.

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Unique Toys Make A Difference! Angel Warrior Minifigure

At New Dawn Kids, we want to challenge all that, and break through to a new reality in the landscape of kids’ toys and clothes.

At New Dawn Kids, we bring together a wonderful collection of gender inclusive clothes and toys for kids. Beautiful, unique and stereotype-breaking. A breath of fresh air for childhood!

Why Gender Neutral Clothes and Toys Matter

Seeing as this isn’t the 1950s, our toys today are somewhat concerning.

  • Firstly, gender stereotypes are evident in the vast majority of clothes, toys, and media – marketed directly to our kids and shaping their belief system.
  • Secondly, our toys and clothes arbitrarily classify our kids into two polar groups, which plant the seeds of gender inequality.
  • Thirdly, the world has come a long way and there has been so much progress in society, but our toys have simply not caught up.

For example, a quick online search for “dollhouses” will reveal a distinctly pink landscape, peppered with photos of little girls. On the other hand, a quick search for “toys for boys” will reveal a cohesive and consistent selection of trucks, spaceships and toolsets.

How much do these old and archaic ideas influence our decisions? How often do we question everything? To what extent are we perpetuating an invisible and unnecessary divide from the moment our children are born?

Essentially, if you want to know what the situation is and which way the world is going – the signs are always there if you look.

So, what’s Actually Going on Today with Gender? Where are we Heading?

Gender is a very hot topic at the moment. For instance, gender equality in all areas of our lives is being debated and old conventions reopened. However, our toys are way, way behind.

Here are some examples:

Are you getting our drift?

Clothes shouldn’t be segmented by gender, but by passions & interests

Our Inspiration – Gender Neutral Kids Clothes & Clothes

Gender stereotypes, gender neutrality, gender inclusivity, gender roles, gender fluidity, and gender socialization are all buzzwords that are enough to make our heads spin. However, as parents, we need to know one thing only when it comes to young kids – gender doesn’t matter. Not only does gender not matter, but the toys of today are holding us all back. In a world with more female Fortune 500 CEOs than ever before, and stay at home dads at an all-time high – could there be any room for archaic stereotypes to linger on?

Bottom Line

There are many forces that keep this boy-girl divide intact. From nostalgic and automatically perpetuated norms, to the desire of the clothes industry to sell double in the form of pink and blue. At New Dawn Kids we believe in shaking things up, questioning everything and refreshing our ideas on kids and gender. Also, we feel that gender neutral toys and clothes are too hard to find for progressive-thinking (and busy!) parents.

We invite you to become part of the New Dawn Kids community, check out our value-packed articles on this important topic, and get to know our cool handpicked collections.