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In the early 20th century, gender neutral baby clothes were the norm. Boys and girls both wore dresses, typically white, until around age six. Gender was absolutely irrelevant – as it probably should be. Girls and boys were treated the same, dressed the same, and considered equal. When you think about it, why should it be any different?

In the 80s, the “pink and blue” stereotype that we are still trying to shake today appeared, and the apparel companies were loving it. After all, what industry doesn’t want to sell double? Today we have progressed in so many ways as a society, but something about babies’ clothes has still not quite caught up. We believe that these should be pure, stereotype-free, and indicative of the clean canvas we wish their lives to be. 

As busy parents, it can be hard to survive the day-to-day and also think about these things, but once you realize that gender should not be a defining factor for young kids, you may feel that you’re more in touch with how things really should be. Check out our carefully curated unique baby clothes which are 100% unisex, and simply adorable.

Gender Neutral Kids Clothes

Magical Unisex Knitted Baby Rompers


Entire Collection

Superhero Baby Romper

$29.90 $20.90

Gender Neutral Kids Clothes

Gorgeous Baby Knitwear 2-Piece Set


Entire Collection

Warm Bunny Romper


Gender Neutral Kids Clothes

100% Soft Cotton Bunny Romper


Gender Neutral Kids Clothes

Carrot Print Sweater & Jeans Baby Set


Gender Neutral Kids Clothes

Ultimate Tattoo-Sleeve Romper Collection


100% Unisex Clothes for Kids

Cutest Baby Costumes Ever

$128.90 $89.90
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