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Choosing gender neutral clothes for kids represents a far deeper concept than a fashion statement. In an age of rapidly advancing ideals, equality, and logical thought, lingering old stereotypes may have no place in our society – and could actually be damaging to our kids. Through the mere inhibition of their senses and the limitation of what they feel they can choose to wear, we may be unknowingly creating a less equal future. The mainstream retail industry does not help, as it keeps this boy-girl divide alive out of inertia, or to simply sell double.

When it comes to raising kids, every detail really matters. The clothes we choose for them, or allow them to choose, can send them important messages about the world and their place in it, with rather profound effects. For example, if we associate space clothes with boys from the earliest ages – is it truly surprising that there aren’t more women walking on the moon? The big things start from the small things, and apparel – a mode of self expression – is a great place to start.

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