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When it comes to discussing gender neutral toys, you may be asking yourself what in fact this is all about. We’ll explain.

Toys are a huge part of childhood. They can develop our children’s most basic and essential skills, and sculpt their character, interests, and passions for years to come. More importantly, they emulate real life. For these reasons, we believe that all toys and games should be carefully chosen, hyper-educational, and 100% gender free. Opting for ones that break free from old stereotypes enable kids to pursue interest-based activities rather than gender-based ones – the least important classification we can possibly think of in the context of early education.

We believe that keeping stubborn stereotypes alive should have no place in our bright future, which is based on freedom, equality, and limitless thinking. Enable your kids to be who they want to be – as there has never been a more progressive time to be alive! Our kids are our future, and we should start them off as we hope for them to continue.

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